3 Popular Musicians Who Are Living a Vegan Lifestyle


Recently, more and more people are going vegan, for either their health, the environment, ethical reasons, or combinations of all three, and this movement doesn’t discriminate towards our loved musicians. Many popular musicians are becoming aware of the horrors of the meat and dairy industry and realizing how beneficial the vegan lifestyle is to their health and the environment. Here are a few musicians who are vibrating positive energy through their vegan lifestyle

Billie Eilish: Billie is a popular 18-year-old singer-songwriter from America that is hitting the top of the music charts and becoming globally recognized for her alternative take on pop and indie music. Some of her popular songs include ‘bad guy’ and ‘ocean eyes’.

The rising talent went vegan in 2014 as she began to learn about the mistreatment of animals in the meat and dairy industry. She has also been vocal on her social media about veganism. She released an Instagram story displaying the ‘horrific abuse of cows on a dairy farm’ and stated that she feels “sorry” for those who contribute to animal abuse for their personal pleasure and says that it is “ignorant and stupid” for people to think that one person going vegan isn’t going to make a difference.

Sia: Sia is an Australian singer-songwriter that has gained popularity through her powerful voice and unique pop songs. Some of her popular songs include ‘Chandelier’ and ‘The Greatest’. She is also notorious for covering her face while performing with the help of a multi toned wig with a long fringe. She does this in order to keep some privacy while immersed in the celebrity lifestyle, which understandably, can be fairly overwhelming.

Sia, like Billie, went vegan in 2014. The star was focal to her twitter followers when she first went vegan, when she shared this article and stated, ‘Here’s some great reasons to go vegan’. Prior to making the transition, Sia additionally worked on a Peta Campaign in attempts to end animal homelessness. So, you can tell, she is a huge advocate of animal rights!

A$AP Rocky: Male vegans are sparse, but this young American rapper is breaking stereotypes and leading by example. He is well known for his upbeat and somewhat ambiguous song lyrics. Some this hip-hop artist’s popular songs include ‘Praise the Lord’ and ‘Live Fast’.

The rapper started off as a pescatarian and then, aided with his “disgust with the poultry industry”, turned vegetarian, then finally vegan. He even promoted his vegan lifestyle in his song ‘Babushka Boi’. The lyrics read “I ain’t duck sauce since I became vegan.”

About Author:

Alexia is an Australian based writer who is interested in topics such as social justice, animal rights and environmental sustainability. Since becoming vegan in 2015 and gaining awareness of the animal injustices occurring within the meat and dairy industries, Alexia wishes to spread awareness about animal welfare issues and in turn, promote the vegan lifestyle.

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