5 Reasons to Keep a Record of Your Fitness Journey


Whether you want to lose weight, add on muscles, or stay healthy, you may never achieve your desired goal if you don’t have a plan.

Each year millions of people embark on a fitness journey, but very few stay on board and actually see results. Simply because of poor planning and lack of record about their progress. So they end up thinking they failed when success was just on the next corner.

Fitness is an evolving journey that needs commitment and a positive mindset.  In this post, I’m going to share with you the 5 most important reasons to document your fitness journey, if you want to hit and even exceed your goals.

  1. Documentation keeps you accountable.

It’s hard to continue when you don’t see results. But even harder to notice results without proper documentation of your process.

Having a plan keeps you focused and in pursuit of achieving your goals. A clear plan for your workout, for example, the type of exercise, the time you exercise, your diet, etc., will help prevent the little debates that go on in your mind whether to go on with a workout or not.

Your mind may even talk you into going for a much comfortable workout than you should. And most people give in to this all because of a lack of a plan.

At the end of it all, it’s so fulfilling to know you pushed through the negative voices.

  • It helps track your progress.

Even if you’re hitting your daily target, keeping track of every activity and achievement is a great way to know whether a particular exercise or workout is helping you or not.

  • Helps you transition to a more intense workout

Our bodies love challenges: If you no longer see results, it could be you are not challenging yourself enough. Set a higher benchmark than before and work towards achieving it. You’ll be amazed at what your body can do.

Keeping records allows you to give your body a more substantial challenge than before, allowing you to achieve more.

  • Helps you finish the workout

Getting to that finish line can be tough sometimes, but the fact that you wrote it down means you can do it, so go on and push through. The best way to achieve this is to have a workout partner or a coach to give you that last punch.

  • It keeps you motivated.

It’s easier to keep moving when there’s a positive driving force behind you. Whether you’re taking photos of your progress, using a record tracker, or writing everything down on paper, it’s fulfilling and motivating to go through your records and see how far you’ve come. It makes you want to go further.

Documenting your fitness journey is an integral part of the journey itself and should never be skipped. Regardless of if you’ll go for old-school fitness journals or use a fitness app, if you’ve not been doing it, give yourself a new challenge. Start today!

About Author:

Joan C. is a Registered Medical Clinician, a content creator, and a health and wellness enthusiast. She’s all about educating clients on the power of plant-based nutrition, mindfulness, and lifestyle habits as a strategy to impact health and longevity.


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