5 Ways to Protect Your Health During ease of Pandemic Restrictions

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While more and more pandemic restrictions are being lifted, it is very important time to protect yourself. I believe there are several things you can do to try to make sure your health is protected. However, making sure that your immune system is in good shape in case anything happens is paramount.

Boosting your immune system has never felt so important. While it can’t help you stop getting Corona Virus, it can help your body fight it.

So how does your immune system do this, and how can you support it to do its vital role?

The strength of your immune system won’t influence whether you get the virus or not. That’s why handwashing and social distancing are equally important. They’re actually the things that can help prevent you from getting the Corona Virus.

What the immune system does is that it helps you deal with the virus once you’ve got it. This happens through a series of cells in your body that helps fight against the virus. If your immune system is strong, then you’ll easily defeat the virus; however, if it’s weak or in case you have any underlying medical conditions, the virus can overpower your defense mechanisms.

So what can you do to ensure you maintain a strong and healthy immune system despite everything else going on?

  • Avoid smoking

Cigarettes contain highly damaging components such as tar, radioactive compounds, carbon monoxide, metals, and oxidizing chemicals, all of which can suppress the immune system causing you to be susceptible to different health problems.

  • Limit alcohol intake

According to studies, too much alcohol can weaken your immune system and put you at risk of contracting different viruses.

  • Diet improvement

A variety of fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of different vitamins and minerals that are very important for supporting the immune system.

They are also rich in polyphenol compounds. These are compounds that give color to different fruits and berries.

Plenty of fiber-rich foods can also be beneficial as they are used by the good bacteria in the intestines to promote their growth. These bacteria have an interaction with our immune system to make it work better.

Omega 3 fatty acids from flax seeds and Chia seeds are also essential in regulating the role and functioning of the immune system.

Good sources of iron and vitamin B12, such as nutritional yeast or supplements, can also play a significant role in supporting the immune system.

  • Avoiding stress

Any form of stress influences your immune system. So, involving your mind in things like meditation, physical activities can be quite useful in relieving the pressure and keeping you focused.

  • Getting enough sleep

Adequate sleep is another component of building a healthy immune system.

The processes of repair and rebuilding take place while you’re sleeping, so a lack of quality sleep can impair these processes putting your immune system at risk.

In addition to maintaining high hygiene standards and socially distancing yourself, what you want is an immune system that functions better when it’s challenged with viruses among other pathogens. Make sure you include things points in your daily life as a way to improve and promote your health during this Corona Virus pandemic.