A Family Outing


It’s Sunday, just gone noon.  The sun is shining.  Life is good.  And you’re looking for something good to do before the Monday morning mayhem descends.  So why not take the kids out for the afternoon?  Perfect!  There’s an apple orchard nearby, so why not spend some time there, taking a casual stroll and picking a few apples along the way?  Even more perfect! 

What’s just been described would undoubtedly be a great family day out.  However, let’s revise it slightly, but fundamentally.  Instead of a visit to the apple orchard, the afternoon’s agenda is a visit to an abattoir.  Say what?!

Which perfectly highlights why no-one would bat an eyelid about a family jaunt to the orchard, but a family outing to an abattoir?  Unthinkable and very likely to result in some serious therapy sessions for all involved.

Why then is that the case?  Why is a family visit to an abattoir so unimaginable?  Well, what parent in their right mind would want to expose their children to such an horrific experience.

This absolutely underscores the fact that a vegan lifestyle, with accompanying apple orchard tours, is 100% natural and enjoyable.  In stark contrast, an animal exploitative diet is steeped in unseen, unspoken misery.

To be vegan is to open your eyes to all life, and to respect all life, with no exceptions.  There are no hush-hush secrets of unspeakable things that go on “elsewhere” so as to put food on our plates. 

So, next Sunday, maybe take the time out to plan a family outing, safe in the knowledge that by doing so, you’re not exposing your loved ones to something that is incredibly traumatic.  Stick to the apples, the pears, the whatever it is that nature gives us without the need for hush-hush, don’t think about it, animal cruelty diets.