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At Home DIY Vegan Essentials


Creating a vegan lifestyle encapsulates a vegan diet, vegan habits, and vegan products. 

Vegans are all about sustainability and conservation which is why so many today are taking leaps to lead a zero-waste lifestyle, to create a sustainable future.

What is a zero-waste lifestyle?

A zero-waste lifestyle is when people purposely create a life with no waste. Ways to achieve this is by composting, using items in your household to create new items, recycling, up-cycling, and lots of DIY-ing and thrifting.

How does this translate to sustaining a clean home? 

Many people don’t realize you can create cleaning products from common kitchen items that work just as well as chemically created products, without all the harsh chemicals and wasted plastic containers.

What products can I make at home?

The list may never end, with people creating new concoctions everyday. However, there are currently a few trending mixtures that people are loving to use at home that are child and animal safe!

General Cleaner

To make a general household cleaner all you need is vinegar and citrus peels. After you eat up all your yummy citrus fruits, save the peels and soak them in white distilled vinegar. Leave them soaking in an air tight container in the dark for two to three weeks.

After they have soaked, drain the mixture and pour into a spray bottle and getting cleaning up messes in the home.

Hard Water Cleaner

If your faucets and shower heads are getting build up due to hard water, try soaking an orange peel and some mind in a cup of white distilled vinegar overnight.

Spray the vinegar mixture on your hard water stains the next day and watch them disappear before your eyes with this DIY vegan cleaner.

Hair Spray

Ditch the chemicals and the aerosol containers for this at home hair spray recipe. All you need is water, sugar, and vanilla extract to create a holding spray to keep your hair looking fresh all day.

Boil the water, add the sugar and vanilla extract and pour the concoction into a spritzer bottle to style your hair.

Stain Remover

Gone are the days when you believed you need bleach to get out those tough grass stains. All you need is some hot water mixed with lemon juice!

Soak your white clothes in the mixture overnight for sparkly clean clothes, stain free!

Dish Sponge

Oranges have a myriad of uses and one of them is using them as a sponge while using all of your DIY vegan cleaners. 

After eating your oranges, soak the peels in plain water and let them soften. Once they are soft you can use them on your dishes to wipe away dirt, oil, and grime without using a harsh sponge that can damage your pan.

What’s next?

You decide. The world of vegan DIY cleaners is far reaching with you discoveries being made each day. Go out and experiment, see what works for you and then share it with all of your vegan product loving friends through social media, it may be the next vegan trend.

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