Boy George


When it comes to 80s music, there aren’t too many names bigger than the lead singer of Culture Club, Boy George.  Renowned for his flamboyant dress and soulful singing style, he headed up a New Romantic music group that racked up numerous number one hits around the world, including Karma Chameleon and Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?

However, as can be the way with stratospheric fame and fortune, that came at a cost.  Boy George fell into an overtly hedonistic life-style, including heroin and cocaine use.  He was warned numerous times that he needs to make huge changes before he became seriously ill, or worse.  By 2012, Boy George decided to make a stand and turn his life around for good.  In doing so, he not only stopped his drug use and took up Buddhim, he went (raw) vegan too.  The impact on Boy George was profoundly positive.

Boy George has explained that he likes to mix up regular vegan food with raw food too and claims to be so much better for his healthy, cruelty-free lifestyle.  On being asked about it, Boy George said:

I think I’ve looked better than I’ve ever looked. And certainly people tell me all the time, “What have you done to your skin? What are you eating?” And so I think it makes a big difference.” [1]

Sadly, too many super-famous musician celebrities end up with their life-styles costing them everything, including their lives.  Think Amy Winehouse, Keith Moon and Phil Lynott, to name but a few.  Thankfully, Boy George has not joined those ranks, with his veganism significantly contributing to his turn-around.  That underscores how veganism is not just a “diet” but a holistic lifestyle based on a rejection of cruelty, environmental protection and better health.  All in all, very good karma all round.


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