Here is Why Vegans are Going Back Hunting


There has been a massive wave of vegans going back to meat, and you’re probably wondering what’s going on?

And honestly, those new to this journey may find it discouraging. But the truth is that you’re not going vegan because a friend or a family member is vegan.

Taking time first to understand veganism and why it’s a path you want to follow is more important than labeling yourself vegan for a few months or years before quitting.

True vegans never quit

Although a plant-based lifestyle is considered a part of veganism, veganism is more of an ethic than health.

That’s why the kind of love true vegans have for animals is far beyond their own health.

Their belief that every creature has a right to life can never change, that they get to the point of harming the same animals they have been protecting.

This is why real vegans never quit. And in case you come across a vegan who went back to eating meat, just know they were never vegans in the first place.

They were only plant-based with a vegan tag, and they always quit for health issues.

Here is how they might have ended up in a health pitfall.

They were extremists in their diet

I beg your pardon, but most vegans who leave veganism are millennials who start on a high note. Probably as raw vegans or those that embark only on juicing, or avoid carbohydrates altogether, or even fruits.

Since all these can be beneficial in some cases, striking a balance in your vegan lifestyle is essential to stay healthy.

Being ignorant of nutritional deficiencies

Although a vegan/plant-based diet is good for your health, it’s not an all-round kind of diet.

And please don’t buy the myth that vegans don’t fall sick. They do, mainly because they sit at the very edge of health deficiencies.

In other words, there are supplements you’ll have to take to avoid deficiencies and associated health risks if following a vegan diet. For instance, vitamin B12 is not available in plant foods and must be supplemented.

Proper food combination is another critical point that, if ignored, may cause deficiencies. For example, the non-heme iron in plant foods is not easily absorbed in the body due to inhibition by other plant compounds. However, vitamin C-rich foods combined with iron-rich plant foods may help increase iron absorption.

Consuming highly processed foods

Just because something is plant-based doesn’t mean it’s healthy. Processed foods lack nutrients and are high in saturated fats, transfats, and sodium, all of which are harmful to your health.

So the next time you hear someone quitting veganism, or should we say a plant-based diet? Just know they lost it somewhere along their food choices and preparation methods.

Because veganism will never been the problem.

In fact, it’s the only answer to the many lifestyle diseases and the only real solution in the healthcare system, the environment, and the only animal vindicator.