How to be vegan and stay sustainable?


In recent years, there have been some debates about veganism  and sustainability. These two terms are closely related but the issue is when discussing vegan processed food and its making. If you opt for eating vegan food there are ways to stay sustainable and be vegan. This refers not only to the food than other products that we use in everyday life. Since the vegan trending in many fields, it has become a way of living and caring about environment. There are many ways to stay sustainable, from reducing harmful gasses , carbon footprint, soy footprint and other using plant-based clothing, cosmetics, makeup.

Stop emission of the harmful gasses

When considering harmful gases that many machines , products and food emit, here are a few ways to stop it.

Make sure that products that you use for your personal hygiene are plant-based and that are not aerosol products. Those contain harmful ingredients such as aluminium compounds, artificial fragrances and colors and many other harmful chemicals. There are many harmful gasses disguised in these products and most known are chloroform, ethylene oxide, parabens, phthalates, and so on.

When talking about food, you can keep your food fresh and prolong its freshness by using some.

When vegetables and fruit start to rot, they emit some harmful gasses. There are products that collect those harmful gasses and make them a clear air. They turn harmful gasses into clear air that we breathe and keep the veggies fresh more than usual. You can also freeze the vegetables and fruits and store them in a freezer.When you keep your vegetables and fruit in your fridge you can store them in plastic containers or reusable plastic bags and in that way you keep them fresh many days.

Reduce carbon footprint

When speaking about harmful gasses then we also refer to the carbon dioxide that is produced every day. Starting from reducing your own carbon foot print and the amount of the carbon dioxide that each one of us produce every day, by making your life more simple and free of harmful gasses. You can ride a bike instead of driving a car, you can stop smoking and stop doing everything that has to do with burning and then you can stay more sustainable.

Wear vegan and stay sustainable

Lately, many clothes brands especially designer brands turn to vegan and try to use other materials for their clothes and accessories. This is stepping out of the box and changing mindset and also the world. This trending became one of the most important as we learned that we can use many plants to create what we want. We can use plants for tints, for decoration, details and in many other ways. Why wasting precious resources and polluting the planet when  going vegan is healthier, easier and cheaper option to live? Vegan clothes bring many interesting textures, shapes, colors and designs. Try one of these items and you will fall in love with it!

Staying sustainable means many things and it can cover many aspects of our lives, but it is not hard to achieve. With a little effort, you can stay sustainable and seems like going vegan is best option at the moment.

I’m Milica from Serbia, I graduated Spanish language and literature. I am very passionate about writing, cooking,music, traveling, philosophy, history and astrology. My Taurus soul helped me to stay strong throughout hard times and has refined taste for nice things in life.  I love to get to know other cultures and countries, traditional food and dances, meeting people and be on the go.


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