How to Grow a Small Garden in Your Kitchen


Making a garden in your kitchen seems a bit silly but it is possible. If you like to cook and like to add some favorite vegetables like cherry tomatoes or lettuce, other vegetables, and herbs that you like to put in your food you can have it right from your kitchen. It may seem complicated and hard labor but it is very easy. You don’t have a yard or space to make it outdoor but you can make a nice small garden in your kitchen. You need a few pots, baskets or a few plastic containers, rich soil and the seeds.

Now, follow these steps to make make your garden in your kitchen.

First of all, you have to design your garden according to your kitchen. Keep in mind that plants need the sun to grow and to put them in a bright place. Depending on how big is your kitchen make room for your pots and baskets and start growing your plants. There are pots and plastic containers that are specially designed and have many smaller departments and you will have your space used properly.

When you have collected all of the needed containers, you can proceed to plant the seeds. Get the seeds and rich soil and put them into the containers. Before you plant the seeds make sure how to plant them properly and inform yourself about the plants and herbs you want to have in your garden. You can have some cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, green veggies like spinach, chard and other. You can also have your favorite seasonings like basil, oregano, sage, parsley and so on.  You can even grow lettuce with just water by putting it in a small plastic cup and add just water to the half of it. Save the root of the lettuce when you eat the leaves and put it in a half-full cup of water. In a couple of weeks, you will have new lettuce grown in a cup. Of course, water the plants accordingly.

Then, if you want you can make your garden log and fill in the information about your garden and its progress. If you are making the kitchen garden for the first time you can write down the names of all of the herbs you planted and other actions that you operated regarding the plants. In that way, you will have a reminder of what you did and how to improve your garden next time. Monitor your plants and check them out often so you can see how they progress and estimate when your garden will be eventually ready to harvest. Some of the plants need less time to grow and ripe so you can harvest them when is the time. You can have your vegetables from your garden and with the best taste. Homemade herb for your most delicious meals and happiness in the kitchen. Have your kitchen filled with colors and odors from the aromatic herbs. It is nice to have your little paradise when it comes to food and meeting your culinary taste.

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