Jessica Alba


Many people in the world and many celebrities are on a vegan diet, and many are wondering if this “plant-only diet” may be the right choice for them. Are you thinking about becoming a vegan? Veganism is the strictest form of vegetarianism. To be a true vegan, you must give up all kinds of animal and poultry meat, fish and products of animal origin – even eggs or dairy products are not allowed.
A vegan diet can be one of the healthiest ways to eat, but only if it includes a wide range of foods rich in nutrients of plant origin. Adopting a vegan lifestyle that meets all your nutritional needs – requires complete commitment and knowledge.

Hollywood star Jessica Alba became vegetarian in the age of 12. She was a teenager when she became aware about the importance of eating healthy. She was cooking her own meals, different from the rest of her family. She still takes care about her nutrition and has a healthy lifestyle.

In one of her interviews she said: “Over the years, and especially since I became a mother, my health has become a priority. It is very important for me to be healthy and feel good, and not to strive for perfection.”
Her day begins with a smoothie. “Smoothie is very nutritious and rich in vitamins and I think it is a very healthy way to start a day.” She tries to prepare every meal from fresh food. Also, she prepares all the meals she will have during the day in the morning, so she prevents herself from being tempted to eat something that is not healty.

She also stated once:

“I think anyone who wants to live a healthy life and wants their children to grow up healthy knows that

they can make better choices. That’s a global consciousness that I think all new parents have.”

In 2011, the star founded the cosmetics company The Honest Company with three business partners, and in a few years turned it into a profitable business. Her makeup brand is vegan. In the design of new products, the actress took the path of minimalism. The packaging is a simple design with silver details. According to the company, the products include only natural ingredients such as chamomile, calendula, aloe vera, green tea and rose.