Lewis Hamilton: Vegan Formula One Winner


Those pesky vegans, they keep on cropping up almost everywhere.  And never has that been more the case than with the growing number of world-class sport-stars out there.  Take for example, the UK’s Lewis Hamilton, six-time Formula One world champion.

Hamilton credits his vegan lifestyle for helping him to achieve the sporting greatness that he has achieved.  Of course, there are the (thankfully small) crowd of anti-vegan nay-sayers out there who continue to push the false narrative that vegans are “weak” and “protein deficient.”  The likes of Hamilton prove them wrong every step of the way.

Hamilton has come a long way from humble origins in Stevenage, UK, to become one of the greatest ever names in Formula One.  He attributes his on-going success to his cruelty-free vegan diet, especially so his ability to stay energized throughout the gruelling demands of a Formula One race. [1]

Like so many vegans, Hamilton was initially inspired to go vegan when he became increasingly aware of the appalling cruelty and exploitation that is the hall-mark of the meat / animal by-product industries.  He also gained a stark realisation of the damages that the animal agriculture industry was having on the environment and the planet.

In 2017, on going vegan, Hamilton said in an interview to the BBC that:

…what we are doing to the world… the pollution [in terms of emissions of global-warming gases] coming from the amount of cows that are being produced is incredible.  They say it is more than what we produce with our flights and our cars, which is kind of crazy to think. The cruelty is horrible and I don’t necessarily want to support that and I want to live a healthier life.” [2]

Hamilton remains set to stay in pole position in the sport for years to come.  The old-fashioned notion of motor-racing being a “man’s red meat” sport has never looked so far-fetched and for that, we can than Hamilton’s commitment to veganism.

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[2] https://www.bbc.com/sport/formula1/41296229

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