Local Vegan Business: Sweet Somethings Vegan

Local Vegan Business

We have a pleasure to introduce Sween Somethings Vegan founder Carina. A Manchester based baker and caterer, offering stunning and delicous VEGAN cakes!

Can you say a few words about yourself/business founders?

My names Carina and I started Sweet Somethings Vegan a few years ago while I was at university. I moved to Manchester 2 years ago and decided to take the jump and put my all into my cake business and thankfully it’s really paid off! My grandmother is a cake decorator and growing up I used to absolutely love getting to see all of her beautiful creations, I was really fortunate enough to learn a lot of what I know from her. I specialise in floral buttercream cakes and cupcakes and love to experiment with my cake flavours too, mixing fruits and herbs together is my all-time favourite.

Why have you decided to start your business?

Honestly the main reason is it makes me happy – I love making and decorating cakes, I get to really challenge myself, learn new skills and I absolutely love seeing people’s reactions when they see their bespoke cake.

Why have you decided to make Vegan products?

When I first became vegan, I really struggled to find good vegan cake which started me off trying to figure out how on earth to bake. I still remember my first ever successful cupcake, looking back it was a hot mess but I was just so pleased I made something remotely cake-like! I really believe it’s so important to be looking after our planet and the animals so an entirely vegan business was the only way to go for me.

What is special about your products?

I always try my utmost to bring my customers visions to life whether it’s translating their cat into cakey goodness or working with their current colour scheme and bouquet flowers to make their perfect wedding cake.

How did Covid lockdown affected your business?

I had a lot of requests from my wonderful customers asking for personalised cupcakes or birthday cakes to be sent to their loved ones while they couldn’t be with them – it was really lovely to be able to deliver a little bit of sugary happiness to people in these times.

How can customers buy your products?

The two easiest ways are either to email me at sweetsomethingsvegan@gmail.com or direct message me on Instagram: sweet_somethings_vegan. I check both daily 😊