Local Vegan Business: The Koalaty Bakery Co.

Local Vegan Business

Our mission at VEGAN Magazine is to promote a Healthy Vegan Lifestyle. We have created Local Vegan Business section to help and promote small local business that is doing good – Vegan style. In our first article in the series we interviewed Michelle, the founder of The Koalty Bakery Co. offering yummy vegan cakes and bakes.

Can you say a few words about yourself/business founders?

My name is Michelle. I am the Baker and Founder of The Koalaty Bakery Co. We are a vegan cake and bake business. We produce a selection of baked goodies from bespoke cakes to gourmet brownies in a variety of classic and unique flavours.

Why have you decided to start your business?

I started my business through a love for food! I enjoy going to food markets, sampling authentic, high quality, homemade food and products. It was here that I realised there wasn’t many or any options for vegans, especially in the Midlands! Vegan markets were starting to gain in popularity, but I wanted to bring delicious treats for vegans and non-vegans alike to enjoy. So, with my passion for baking, I decided to go for it!

Why have you decided to make Vegan products?

As a vegan myself, I wanted to share with people just how tasty vegan food can be. It always brings a smile to my face when people are shocked at how good my vegan products taste. And let’s not forget, they are animal-friendly and are absolutely delicious!

What is special about your products?

We provide vegan cake slices and bakes at local markets at affordable prices. Our customers love the unique opportunity to buy fresh slices of cake, something which the markets haven’t seen before. Our cakes, brownies and blondies are all creative, with an array of flavours such as Matcha, Lotus Biscoff, Bourbon and Oreo options. Our takeaway options allow customers to take a slice of the market away for later enjoyment!

How did Covid lockdown affected your business?

We are a relatively new business, originally intending to sell vegan treats and cakes at markets and food events. We only managed to attend two events before the virus situation caused all events to be cancelled. To try and adapt to the challenging times, we are offering personalised cakes to the local community around the Lichfield area, and have set up a national postal brownie service! We want to be able to lift our customers spirits with a selection of gourmet brownies, or they can be sent as a gift with a personalised message in the box. It’s just a way we thought people could share some love without having to leave the house.

How can customers buy your products?

To order a bespoke cake that can be personalised, email us at thekoalatybakeryco@gmail.com , check out our social media platforms for more information.

To order postal treat boxes that includes nine gourmet brownies or/and blondies, we are currently selling on www.etsy.com/uk/shop/thekoalatybakeryco

Our social media platforms:
Facebook: @thekoalatybakeryco
Instagram: @thekoalatybakeryco

Any closing word you want to share?

Thank you so much for taking the time out to read this article!
Stay safe!
Love, The Koalaty Bakery Co.


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