More Vegan food options in UK as more Traditional Bakeries Venture into Vegan


Popular UK high street bakery Greegs is turning away from its staple baked goods such as meat pies and pastries towards vegan friendly products.  Their Vegan Sausage Roll was a great success with the product sold out almost immediately after its rollout to all 1900 locations in March last year.

Greegs CEO Roger Whiteside commented to the Evening Standard: “Many customers are demanding more non-meat products and we want to offer more choices. It took us a couple of years to perfect our vegan sausage rolls, and I can now reveal our staff are working hard in our testing kitchens to make new meat and dairy-free products suitable for vegans.”

“The range will get wider in the future.” He added.

Recently Holland’s Pies a traditional bakery, producing over 1 million pies a week announced on its Facebook page a new vegan offering. As usual the news received a negative backslash from some of the followers – nothing that We Vegans are not used to already. But savvy food brands are well aware of the growing popularity of the healthy lifestyle. We can expect more vegan products emerging in the following months.

Photo source and copyright Holland Pies UK.


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