Morning Vegan Routine


The way we start our day and the morning pretty much defines your life- believed or not. Sometimes, we wake up stressed because we have many things to do and have to get out of the bed but doesn’t have to be the case. Learning how to reduce the stress and wake up with occasion and with much energy will help your life in a great manner. Adopting a vegan lifestyle does not always mean just eating vegan food than balancing your mind and your body.

The first thing you can do is to wake up and do some exercises, yoga or pilates. Wake up your mind and your body with a light workout and stretching to feel better, lighter, and more focused.

As for the energy, you can make it a routine to drink a lot of water when you wake up and other liquids such as smoothies, vitamin shakes, coffee or tea. Fuel up with a big mug of a green smoothie or vegan coffee with coconut milk. You can have some grounded seeds or nuts with it, it really depends on your taste. That follows body care, taking a shower and maybe your morning skin routine.

After you finished your morning exercises and body care, you can start your day by repeating mantras for the day or simply reading or watching some content that makes you happy. You can do this while preparing your first meal.

Treat yourself with a nice abundant meal full of colors and nice odor from the food you prepare. Breakfast is the most important part when it comes to the morning routine as it sets the day ahead. This one should be full of protein and other nutrients. If you have the time, take your time and enjoy it while making your food. Try a new recipe, bake some snacks or make more than just breakfast. Make delicious burritos or veggie pizza and make everyone happy in the family. You can make it for your whole family and surprise them with a nice vegan sweet. Or you can prepare a new red shake that kids love so much!

However, if that’s not the case, you don’t really have the time and have to be out and about very soon, make a simple avocado sandwich. Another option is to make a bomb oatmeal bowl with some fruits. If you have a hidden stash bring some of the candies and sweets to work so you can enjoy a small portion of dark chocolate or other sweets.

For those who have more time, a big cup of fruit salad or cinnamon and coffee muffins will put a smile upon your face or the people that you like to spoil and make sweet delicious meals for them.

This is just a recommendation on how to make your mornings beautiful but also to make it a habit to eat healthy meals that are delicious and nutritious. May your days begin with a smile and good food!

I’m Milica from Serbia, I graduated Spanish language and literature. I am very passionate about writing, cooking,music, traveling, philosophy, history and astrology. My Taurus soul helped me to stay strong throughout hard times and has refined taste for nice things in life.  I love to get to know other cultures and countries, traditional food and dances, meeting people and be on the go.


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