Oatly Barista Edition – Probably the Best Oat Milk Out There


There are a lot of oat milk options out there, but if you are a vegan coffee addict like me, you need a milk fit for purpose. Personally I find most of the non-diary milks either too weak, or with flavour that overtakes the coffee. I think I’ve tried pretty much every non dairy milk I could get my hands on in Ireland and I can say with confidence, there is nothing like Oatly Barista Edition.

Surprisingly the product consist solely of oats, water and less than 2% of rapeseed oil and it is enriched with vitamins. The Barista Edition Oatly is specially formulated to foam up and be used to create lattes, cappuccinos, flat whites. It is fuller bodied drink so even if you add it to your americano, little goes a really long way.

Personally I love the flavour of Oatly Barista Edition milk, it is a bit nuttier than diary milk which compliments the coffee flavour, it fits just perfect.

I have also tried to use it for cooking pancakes and other recipes and it works very well. You can just replace diary milk 1:1 with Oatly and your recipe will work just fine.

Reasonably priced with prices oscillating around € 2.40 per 1l in the Republic, you can get it a bit cheaper at 1.80£ per 1l if you willing to travel North to Sainsburys.

When it comes to oat milk – Oatly is the Number 1.

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