Patrik Baboumian: Vegan Strongman


I do not compete to win, I compete to change the world!”  Patrik Baboumian.

Despite the growth in veganism in recent years, there are still myths that swirl around it.  One in particular is that vegans are somehow under-nourished, weak and likely to topple over in a stiff breeze!  Vegan bodybuilder Patrik Baboumian is the perfect example of why that is though the perfect myth!

Of German-Armenian heritage, Patrik is a vegan force to be reckoned with!  Here are just a few of his strongman achievements:

  • Previous “Strongest Man in Germany”, 2011;
  • European champion in powerlifting, 2012.
  • Broke the record for carrying 550kg over a ten-metre distance (that’s half a ton!);
  • Previously held the world record for log-lifting 105kg (231 lbs) above the head.

Turning vegetarian in 2005, Patrik went vegan in 2011 and simply went from strength to strength as his record above shows!  In 2013, after breaking yet another strongman record, Patrik said:

This is a message to all those out there who think that you need animal products to be fit and strong. Almost two years after becoming vegan I am stronger than ever before and I am still improving day by day.” [1]

Patrik was motivated to go vegan as he felt that what he was eating before he went vegan was not at all in sync with the compassion that he felt for other living things.

One day out of nowhere, I started to reflect on my personal worldview and actions.  I realized that my meat consumption wasn’t compatible with the compassion I felt for the animals.” [2]

Despite having recently retired, Patrik continues to be a passionate advocate for veganism – writing, speaking and offering sports psychology.

So, for those vegans out there that are ever the butt of barbs about being “weak” or “puny” here are some more vegan words of inspiration from Patrik:

As a vegan athlete fighting the common stereotypes of vegans being skinny, weak guys, I consider myself more of a warrior with purpose than an athlete.” [3]



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Dave Hewitt – British vegan spreading the word from the shores of Lake Erie, Ohio!  Doesn’t matter where you live though – life is life!  Go vegan – for the animals, for your health and for the planet.

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