Vegan and Famous: Lewis Hamilton


Time and again, vegans keep on popping up almost everywhere.  In this instance, take for example six-time Formula World One world champion, and vegan, Lewis Hamilton – a world-class sport-star if ever there was one.  He is, without risk of hyperbole, one of the greatest names in the history of Formula One.

Hamilton is proud to attribute his sporting greatness to his vegan lifestyle – which he took up in 2017.  That’s despite the continual crowd of mockers and doubters who continue to promote the line that vegans are somehow lacking in protein or blow over in a stiff breeze.  What Hamilton has achieved flies completely in the face of that!  Hamilton especially credits his vegan diet with enhanced focus and being able to stay energized in the midst of a demanding Formula One race. [1] 

Hamilton went vegan as he increasingly became aware of the horrific cruelty of the meat, dairy and egg industries, as well as the catastrophic damage that the animal agriculture industry was having on the health of the planet.

Just after going vegan, Hamilton detailed to the BBC that:

…what we are doing to the world… the pollution [in terms of emissions of global-warming gases] coming from the amount of cows that are being produced is incredible.  They say it is more than what we produce with our flights and our cars, which is kind of crazy to think. The cruelty is horrible and I don’t necessarily want to support that and I want to live a healthier life.” [2]

Hamilton continues to set the bar for motor-racing and his record will no doubt resonate for years, if not decades, to come.  The ridiculously outdated idea that the sport is a “red meat” sport has been completely turned on its head by Hamilton’s achievements, underscored by his vegan commitment.