Serena Williams


Which ever way you look at it, Serena Williams is a legend when it comes to tennis.  She currently has the second most number of Grand Slam tennis titles for a woman (23 and more surely to come), is a former world number 1 and to add the cherry to the cake, she is of course vegan.

Williams took up veganism in 2012 with two main reason for her being motivated to do that.  First, her equally as famous sister Venus, became ill with an autoimmune condition that led her to take up veganism.  Seeing the health improvements that that allowed Venus to make, Serena was inspired enough to become vegan herself.  Second, she came to the realisation that the animal “agriculture” industry was inherently cruel and based on wholly unnecessary suffering and exploitation.

Since she went vegan, Williams has won nine Grand Slam titles.  Not too sure she worries daily about where she gets her protein from…

In the spring of this year, Williams took her vegan commitment to new heights by launching her “S by Serena” line of vegan leather clothing.  (Little known secret:  Williams was actually at fashion school back in 2000).

When asked bout her new fashion line, Williams said:

“I feel like a lot of things are being killed and we’re not saving the earth,” she said. “We can all just do one small thing and help out so that was also a lot of our inspiration.”

The reality is, more and more world class athletes, like Serena Williams, are going vegan.  The meat, dairy and egg industries can relentlessly go on about how you need animal products to compete.  Which is, of course, really not the case at all.

Serena Williams, just like her sister, is the perfect example of how veganism can help athletes attain new heights of achievement and sporting prowess.