The Milk Myth


Back in the 90s in the States, an advertising campaign was run for the dairy industry that simply said:

Got milk?”

Yep, it was that straight-forward.  Just like buying the stuff in a store, there’s billions of gallons of the stuff readily available.  Just buy it, use it, don’t think about it.  Yet we know who else had milk.  The hundreds of millions of dairy cows that were made to offer their milk up in the first place, often times in awful conditions.

There is a preconception held by many people, the vast majority being non-vegans, that cows offer up their milk as if by magic.  Well, they don’t.  They are kept forcibly pregnant, through artificial insemination, so as to keep producing the white stuff.  Once the calf is born, the whole miserable merry-go-round starts up again. (The fate of the calves is just as bad.  Young males are often used for the abomination that is veal.  Young females are set to follow their mothers in a life of forced milk production).  When the cow can no longer produce sufficient quantities of milk, she will be slaughtered.

Can you imagine the stress that keeping a human female perpetually pregnant would put on her body and mind?  And then when giving birth the child is then whisked away to never be seen again?  Truly the stuff of fevered nightmares.

Humans are the only species who use the milk of another animal.  Which in itself is plain weird.  To wrinkle your brow even more, why not elephant milk or rat milk?  Ewwww.  But cow milk?  Pour that stuff right on my cereal!  Given that cow milk is designed to transform a small calf into a half ton cow in a very short period of time, you have to further question the use of dairy milk.

Got milk?  Absolutely not.