The Most Popular Exercises for Vegans


When speaking about fitness and exercising combined with a vegan lifestyle, there are many doubts about it. Some athletes do their workouts according to the type and amount of the food they bring into their bodies to get proper results. But, you don’t have to eat meat to gain strength and shape. With a vegan food plan, you can do interval training and enhance your appearance. Looks like intense workouts bring faster results so it is recommendable to do these intense but effective exercises. Recovery also takes a short period and surely you will be pleased with the results. Here are the most popular exercises that you can do and stay fit.

  1. Stretching– At the beginning of your training do some stretching for 3-5 minutes. It is a good way to prepare your body for the upcoming exercises. You can do it at home, outside and try to do them properly. Keep those stretches last 30 seconds and then repeat a few times. Stretching your lower body part can help you to endure through the whole workout.
  2. Lifting- Now, if you want to gain muscles on your legs and arms you can combine stretching with weightlifting. You can prolong the stretching time and lift weights in a series of 8-12 times per one set. Depending on your condition you can make 2,3 or more sets. Take some time to recover between the sets, about a minute and then proceed with your exercises. Have in mind that your body needs to rest and recover whether you are doing 1,3 or more sets.
  3. ‘’Stairs’’– If you don’t want to opt for lifting and want to work more on your endurance and strength ,stairs are great exercise. Not only they are good to gain the previously mentioned things than you can also work on your speed and move your whole body. This exercise may look simple and boring but you will be amazed by its result. When you run up or down the stairs many muscles are activated in your body. The lower part of the body is more active but while going up and down you can speed up to your possibilities accordingly. Do a challenge- choose a few songs with different rhythms and do the stairs as you follow the beat of the songs. When you get to the fastest, you know you are good!
  4. Sprints- when you run, you activate all muscles in your body. Sprints are good to help better coordination, moving, and strength. Sprints are done at a fast pace so this is an intense workout. You can do casual jogging but sprints require to cover many miles in a few series and also do it at a slower pace to cool it down.
  5. Crossfit- if other exercises are not appealing to you, then you can opt for CrossFit. As it consists of many exercises that activate many areas in your body and practically cover every aspect of exercising, it will mainly boost your cardio, build muscles and burn fats easier.

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