Tips to Traveling on a Vegan Diet


Traveling on a vegan diet can be a daunting experience. When traveling out of the country and even domestically, you may be nervous about finding tasty, local vegan eateries.

You have finally found the best local vegan spots in your town, and it took time and a lot of taste testing to find your favorite restaurants to grab some vegan garb, how are you supposed to do that all within the one week span of your vacation?

Luckily, social media has the answer to just about everything nowadays.

Social media, and Instagram in particular, has accounts and communities in all types of niches, and one of them is vegan foodies!

The best way to find vegan options and restaurants in the city you will be visiting is by searching #vegan and the city you are visiting. If you were to visit London, you would search #veganlondon on your Instagram – which currently has 316K posts.

While scrolling through the hashtag you will find a variety of restaurants to try with some of the best vegan options in the city.

You can niche down your search even further if you know you will be hanging out in one neighborhood during your trip. If you’ll be staying in Canary Wharf you can search #vegancanarywharf. There are fewer posts to browse but still options to choose from while on your visit.

Once you have found some places through your hashtags search, you can start researching your top places so you can find your ‘must try’ spots.

To narrow down your search, check these restaurants social profiles and tagged posts so you can see how their food looks and what people are saying about them. Also, be sure to check out their menu on their website so you know there are plenty of options in your palette to choose from.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to reach out to accounts in the area of your visit. This is why influencers and content creators make their profiles, to influence others and help promote their favorite brands and things to do. It excites them when people use their accounts to find new places to try and really take into consideration their opinion. Once you make a connection with vegan bloggers and influencers, you can ask for more suggestions in their area and even beyond their borders for places they have visited. Nurture this relationship and never be without vegan food recommendations, again!

Follow these given tips and be on your way to vegan foodie paradise.

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