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Vegan Magazine February


Editor’s Note

Happy New Year dear readers! I hope this year will be much easier than the last one, with lockdown and Covid being only a memory of the past.

The one hope I have is that Covid pandemic has accelerated transformation towards more sustainable and mindfull future. I believe People are becoming more concious of the way we live, what we eat. We all have to be more open to the suffering of our brothers animals we share this Planet with. Become more responsible in the way we live, forget stubborness and attachement to fake habits and traditions. Evolve into happiness and begin to enjoy the short time we all have here.

It is my delight to present February edition of Vegan Magazine UK and Ireland. After holiday break we are back stronger and better, with new writers joining our team to cover subjects of mindfulness and nutrition. This month we will also offer free give-aways from our partners via social media channels, so stay tuned!

We are excited to continue publishing in the new 2021, and hope you will enjoy our magazine.

Happy February and Valentine’s Day!
Vegan Magazine Editor