Vegan Makeup and Best Products to Use


Vegan makeup is not only a trending than it has become a revolution when it comes to makeup and using natural ingredients. What you put on your face is important and nowadays when the air is polluted we seek natural ingredients that we can use to make our skin prettier and healthier.

The chemicals are used in makeup but with plant-based products, we not only that we keep safe our body then also our environment and planet. Many makeup brands and companies are turning cruelty free and vegan, turning to the magic plants and their magical effects.

The power if the herbs and their effects can replace chemicals and tints that are made from animals. Some color pigments and pearly shades are made of animals and those can be replaced with plants and other ingredients. Vegan makeup is becoming more and more popular as a result of healthy habits and cares about our skin.

Here are a few products to use and these are very popular in the beauty world. Vegan makeup features with many ingredients of quality and put together into these products.

Now, the drugstore brands are stepping up the game and one of them is Elf cosmetics (eyes, lips, face) that has brought many products that people around the world love. They are vegan and cruelty-free which places them in a very high position in the beauty industry. They offer a variety of products, they cover eyes, lips, and face products. One of their most popular product is the putty primer that many people enjoy.

Vegan foundation formulas have improved the look of the skin, leaning to a more natural, glowy and healthy look. Such foundations are from Wet’n’Wild that is an affordable and vegan brand! They have the Photo Focus Ready foundation that many beauty gurus and customers enjoy. 

Vegan mascaras are one of the first products that became carriers of vegan wave in the beauty industry. One of the most popular is Physicians Formula- Organic wear jumbo lash mascara.

One of the probably most famous vegan-friendly high-end brands is Jeffree Cosmetics and its beloved co-founder Youtuber Jeffree Star, He developed vegan formulas for his products starting from the eye pigments to setting powders and concealers. Then, his highlighters are stunning and both many customers around the world and other YouTubers in the beauty industry love it.

As for the other high-end brands, they necessarily mean a higher price for the products but also mean high quality. The quality and most important vegan products are something that many want in their makeup routine and you can be sure that you will put healthy products on your face. This one brings the natural pigments and colors, then it is free of many harmful chemicals and fragrances that are put into the product to disguise harmful chemicals. One of those quality brands is Hourglass that has a good reputation and for a reason. They don’t come up with many products in a year but when they launch one, it almost always becomes a favorite and a ‘’must-have’’ in the beauty community. They mostly cover face product-wise and people love their concealers, stick foundations and illuminating finishing powders.

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