Vegan parents. Vegan kids?


As we know, by going vegan you make a positive commitment to leading a healthy, cruelty-free lifestyle.  Yet if being vegan is so positive, as caring parents, shouldn’t we be looking to ensure that our children are also vegan?

When we bring a new life into the world, as a vegan, that comes with the benefit of their never knowing anything different.  However, what about those parents that choose to take up veganism when their kids are still young?  Does the argument still stand that the children should be vegan too?  Given that a well thought out vegan diet is the very best that there is, for any parent that really genuinely cares, then the answer absolutely should be a yes.

The many benefits of veganism aren’t something that suddenly dawns on children the second they turn eighteen.  With that in mind, and irrespective of their age, parents who raise vegan kids are ensuring that they are raising future generations of better people – more compassionate, healthier and environmentally aware.

Parenting comes with lots of challenges and responsibilities, in particular acting as role models, guardians and inspiration for their children.  The influence and direction that they have over their kids is huge.  No rational, caring parent would encourage their kids to take up smoking or binge drinking as to do so would be a huge breach of their parental duty of care.  Following that same logic, knowing what we do about the dangers of consuming meat, dairy and eggs, why would any parent want their kids to eat food that is detrimental to their health?

When it comes to the health and well-being of our kids, surely we want to give them the very best start in life so that they go on to become the best adults that they can be.  Why then should veganism be any different?