Vivera Plant Bacon Pieces


When it comes to veggie meat replacements there are few good products and loads of not so good products. As a vegan veteran I tend to use raw ingredients, beans, chickpeas in my dishes, but when I saw “Vivera Plant Bacon Pieces” in my local Sainsburys I was intrigued. I grabbed a pack and went home to test it with one of basics I still remember from my childhood –simple bacon sandwich.

When I opened package, it smelled so “real” that I grabbed the paper bit to make sure it’s a meat free product. I fried it for about 10 minutes on a spoon of oil just to make it a bit crispy, then stuffed it between 2 slices of wholegrain toast. Not the most impressive meal I cooked – I thought, but then I took a bite. It brought me back to my childhood. I was 11 years old again, just back from playing footsie with my friends after school. My mum serving me just that, a simple bacon sandwitch.

I have to say this is one of the best veggie meat replacements I ever tried. The flavour, smell, texture – perfection. Vivera Plant Bacon Pieces is so good that when I gave it to try to my meat eating friend, he could not believe it. He even stopped to use the “real” bacon and buys Vivera instead!

I can totally recommend this product. I always have few packages in my freezer, for every time I want to be 11 again.

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