We’re Vegan Parents. What About the Kids?


For whatever reason you went vegan, it’s undoubtedly a positive, cruelty-free and healthy lifestyle to follow.  But if it’s that good, should we not then as vegan parents be making sure the kids are vegan too?

Bringing a new-born into the world as a vegan comes with the advantage that they would never know anything different than vegan.  But what about those parents that opt to go vegan when their kids are a little older or in their teens?  Is the argument still valid then that the kids should go vegan too? As we already know, a balanced vegan diet is the best and healthiest that there is. So surely the answer, for any caring parent, would be a resounding yes.

Putting the health benefits of veganism aside, having an awareness of the horrors of animal agriculture and the damage that it inflicts on the environment isn’t something that the kids will become magically aware of the moment they wake up on their eighteenth birthday.  Consequently, by giving your kids, no matter their age, the many benefits of a vegan diet, parents are making sure that they are building better adults for tomorrow – adults who are more compassionate, in better shape and care for the environment.

The vast majority of adults have a huge say in the lives of their children – the things they do, the things they watch on TV or view online and so on.  Adults are meant to be guardians and role models for their kids.  Just in the same way no rational parent would ever encourage their children to smoke tobacco or purposely put on excess amounts of weight, why would they also want their children to eat potentially harmful food-stuffs too? (And the evidence of the harmful effects of meat, dairy and egg continue to grow year on year).

So, when comes to the health of our children, and giving them the very best start in life, why would veganism be any different?

About Author:

Dave Hewitt – British vegan spreading the word from the shores of Lake Erie, Ohio!  Doesn’t matter where you live though – life is life!  Go vegan – for the animals, for your health and for the planet.

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