What is Plant Propagation and How Can You Propagate Your Own Plants


What is Plant Propagation?

First, let’s talk about what plant propagation is. You may have hear the term plant propagation thrown around lately and here is what it is.

Plant propagation is when you can take a piece of a grown plant – a stem or a leaf – and create a whole new plant from that one.

This has been an emerging trend in the past few years along with the ‘plant mom’ trend. Many people have praised this trend due to the high environmentalism impact it has. By propagating plants, you can gift a piece of your plant without killing your plant – like the previous method of gifting flowers.

Propagating plants is great for the environment because from one single seed you can grow a plant, which can grow another, then another plant, and so on. There is no limit to propagation which helps grow the plant population and overall oxygen levels. 

How to Propagate Your Plants

So how can you propagate your own plant?

There are a few ways to do this.

The first option – and easiest – is to propagate in water. For this method you will need to cut a plant right below one of its joints or plant nodes. Make a clean cut then place the plant in a container of water. The water should be room temperature and place in a room with sunlight but not directly in the sunlight. Replace the water often to keep giving your plant fresh water.

Now start watching those roots grow! Once they are a few inches long you can plant it in soil and start on your next plant propagation!

Your next option is a little more complex but still doable – cutting a stem. This is very similar to the water propagation method. All you have to do is ground that stem in soil instead of water. Many suggest using a rooting hormone while stem cutting in soil to help give your stem some extra strength. 

Another method is to split your already grown plant in two. Either by gently shaking and pulling it into two or using shears to slice it into two plants. 

Once you have divided the plant into two, you can plant each in a separate pot and let them grow until they are ready to be split again.

If you are propagating a succulent, you can choose to use a leaf to regrow your plant.

This method is a little different than the others but still fun to watch.

To propagate a succulent with a leave you take a good and clean cutting of a succulent leaf and place it on top of soil in a pot. Mist it with water, some sunlight and start watching a new succulent propagate! Once there are some fresh leaves you can remove the old one and let it grow into its own plant.

Can All Plants be Propagated?

Most plants can be propagated by one of the above methods but some are easier and better for beginners to start with.

Some of the best plants to propagate are snake plants, spider plant, and pothos.

Don’t get frustrated or alarmed if it does not work out on the first try. This is why you only take a little piece of the original plant, so your plant continue on, thriving, while you use only little sections to create the most aesthetically please plant house.

Plant propagation doesn’t always work, it’s an experiment, so if your first one doesn’t work out, try again.

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